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BBT Translation Services is an American Group of translators located in Florida, USA. We provide translation of legal documents in over 30 languages such as Hebrew, Spanish, English and more. Our translators are native speakers fluent in the language who provide professional translation of various legal documents such as translation of contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, demands, claims, wills, adoption, legal or official certificates such as translation of birth certificate, translation of marriage certificate, name change, driver’s license, police reports, diplomas, many different licenses, and many other official documents.

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Our final product consist of the translated document with a certificate of accuracy which states the completeness of the translation and the ability and knowledge of the translator. This declaration is printed on our letterhead and is signed by the translator and notarized by a Notary Public.

When ordering a translation from us you will receive:
1- A translation from your documents formatted just like your originals. These translations are printed in our letterhead.
2 - A declaration of accuracy signed by the translator, attesting to the accuracy of the translation.
3 - Your document will be printed in our letterhead and signed with our ink and embossed stamps.
We know what is the standard required by the immigration offices (UCIS) and we follow them. Our translations are accepted by the US government agencies, schools, universities, employment and more.  
We are extremely sensitive to the need for timely assistance and we offer rush and expedited service for an additional fee.

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Translation of agreements
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