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A certified translation is a document translated into another languages that includes a statement signed by the translator or the representative of the professional translation agency which declares that the translation is to the best of his/her knowledge true and accurate.

This statement can sometimes be notarized, but not always. It depends on the purpose of the translation.

Prices for certified translations may vary. Visit our rate page to learn more about our prices.

The best way to know the price for the translation of your document is by e-mailing the image of your document. We can examine it and give you an exact quote in minutes - for free!

Yes. We notarize the signature of the translator or the signature of the translation agency representative.

We accept all the credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Payment is done in advance.

We don't need your originals. Whatever you send to us will be inserted in the translation, so we would like to get a nice image of your document.

You can scan the document, send an image with your smartphone or even send a fax. We prefer a scan or an image because today the quality of the fax is lower than the first two options.

It depends on the document for translation. We will need the following:

The correct spelling of all the names that appear in the document just as they are spelled in the passports. We also will need your mailing address if you want a hard copy of the translation mailed out to you.

The price of the translation includes mailing via regular mail to any address in the USA.

For an additional charge - If you prefer a tracking number we offer Priority Mail (it is not much faster, but you can keep track of where the envelope is) or we can mail it to you with FedEx.

Once the translation is ready we will e-mail it to you as a PDF file. We will wait for your approval so we can mail it out to you. Once you approve the translation it will immediately be sent with the mail.

When you order from us you will always get a PDF file and a hard copy mailed out to you with regular mail to any address in the USA.

For international mailing or faster options, please contact us for prices.

When you order from us you will get an accurate, professional translation. It will be inserted in our letterhead which bears the logo of the ATA - American Translators Association, and an Affidavit of Accuracy signed and stamped.

If the translation is from any kind of certificate (birth, marriage, death, etc.) it will be formatted in the same format and translated word for word.

This is not a problem. Every additional copy is $20

When you order from us we undertake to keep all the information that we learn within the scope with our work for a client in the strictest confidentiality.

If you prefer, we can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with you. Please let us know.

We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association and the logo of the ATA is in our letterhead together with our membership number, so if somebody looks for us on the ATA website can see our membership information.

When we provide a certified translation we follow the standards for certified translations in the USA and our translations are accepted throughout the entire USA and Canada. Please let us know what is the purpose of the translation so we can know what wording to use in our Affidavit of Accuracy.

To get a free quote e-mail us your documents.

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