We offer certified translations of personal, financial, academic and legal documents.

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BBT Translation Services

Translation for Immigration

Official translation of documents for the United States Immigration - USCIS - Translation is Certified. As members of the ATA - we guarantee that our translations will be accepted.

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Financial Translation

Professional translation service of financial documents such as paystubs, financial statements, bank statements, annual reports and more. We can convert the currency into US Dollars.

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Translation of Certificates

Certified translation of any certificate for any purpose. We translate marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates, licenses and more. We offer notarized translations.

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Legal Translations

Our translators have experience in translating legal documents such as contracts, bills of sale, agreements, divorce decrees, court documents and more. Our certified translation are accepted by courts, USCIS and any official entity.

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Medical Translations

If you need to translate a medical document, look no further. Our experienced translators translate medical documents such as hospitalization reports, test results, insurance documents, doctors opinions, clinical trials and more.

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Translation of Diplomas

Professional translation of diplomas and transcripts. The translations are done word for word and include an Affidavit of Accuracy signed and stamped. We also offer a notary signature on the certification.

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