We offer translations of any type of document in more than 77 language combination such as Spanish to English, Hebrew to English, etc. There is long list of documents for translation, such as bank statements, financial statements, tax reports (Form 106), paystubs, diplomas and grade sheets, Bagrut, certificates of any type such as birth, marriage or divorce certificate. IDF documents, driver licenses, contracts, leases and any other legal document.

Once the translation is ready we will email you a PDF file with the certified translation. If you need the originals we can mail them out to your mailing address. We offer Priority mail or FedEx. For international mail we use regular mail.

All our certified and notarized translations come with a certification signed and stamped. This certification is called "Affidavit of Accuracy" in which the translator certifies that the translation is accurate and complete and that he/she is fluent in both languages and capable of translating your document. The translations can be used for immigration (USCIS), banks - to apply for a loan or a mortgage, to prove income, financial status, courts, universities and colleges and more.

The Certified Translations are signed and stamped. Sometimes you may need the certification to be notarized. If you need a notary signature please let us know. Our notary is commissioned in the State of Florida, USA.

The certified translations are done according to the standards of the ATA - American Translators Association and they are accepted anywhere where certified translations are required. We guarantee 100% acceptance by the USCIS and the NVCS. They are also accepted by universities, courts and any other government institute in the USA.

When you hire us to translate for you your documents we guarantee to keep all the information that we learn within the scope of working with your documents in the utmost confidentiality. If you want we can sign an NDA agreement with you. In regards to emailing us your documents for translation - you can send a PDF file locked with a password and send separately the password.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Zelle. Payment is requested in advance.

No. We do not need your original document. A scanned copy via email, or high resolution photograph is sufficient.